Jonathan Sherman grew up in the oceanside peninsula town of Marblehead, Massachusetts where he was fortunate to spend most of his youth out of doors immersed in the beauty of Nature.  At an early age, he deeply desired to go out into the world to explore and cultivate a global sensibility. Jonathan ventured out of his home town to live in the mountains whose quietude and simplistic lifestyle fostered many opportunities for Jonathan to tune in to an inner world within himself; it was through this intimate connection with Nature that he first discovered a powerful and deeply embedded desire. This desire was not only for a profound understanding of himself and his environment but to develop a means to express and communicate that which he discovered, observed, and began to understand. Having always gravitated towards creative expression of himself through Art, Music, and independent sport, Jonathan longed for a more sophisticated and effective language through which he might connect and share with others. Empowered and inspired by this realization, Jonathan left the mountains, relocating to Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It was here that he began his unwavering dedication to the study and absorption of the Italian Master Artists and Architects, primarily of the 15th century. The Masters of this period communicated more clearly then ever before the natural and spiritual truths that they unlocked within themselves for all to benefit from. And it was through extensive exposure to the Masterful works of Art and treatises, which were left behind as gifts to this world by these Masters, that Jonathan began to familiarize himself with the language he had longed to use. Blessed with guidance from a few generous teachers in Florence and his intuition as his educational compass, Jonathan spent the next fifteen years penetrating into a multitude of areas of knowledge.  Being free from any particular system or structured curriculum allowed room for his talent, love for learning, and depth of thought to be celebrated and to therefore flourish. For him, this was the most essential ingredient to becoming the Master that he is today.  For Jonathan, a Master has Mastery over one's self, has achieved alignment with one's divinity, and is able to allow that to pour through oneself without obstruction or limitation for the benefit of oneself and others.

Jonathan currently lives in Marblehead with his wife, Elizabeth, and their son, Apollo, where they have established their home and The Studio of Jonathan Sherman in the heart of the historic downtown. Their Studio functions as both a workshop and a school dedicated to the training, awakening, and empowerment of Artists. His original works of art are housed in private collections throughout Europe and the United States and carries out both painted and sculptural portrait commissions.