The Workshop

The Divine: An ever present loving creative energy from which all things spring forth into being on the physical plane  

1. Studio Philosophy

The Studio of Jonathan Sherman believes that masterful works of Art act as illuminating beacons in our world. Each year innumerable human beings around the world, gravitate towards these beacons looking to connect with the Divine; to be filled with love, upliftment, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and to reconnect with their own magnificence. Works of Art of this nature are created by individuals who have aligned themselves with the Divine to spring forth artistic creations for the benefit of all others. We are honored to continue this lineage, ensuring the creation of works of Art with enduring energetic and aesthetic radiance and power. The Studio's belief is that through exposure to the loving and luminous radiance of these beacons, human beings' movement may continue toward a kinder, more peaceful, and harmonious human experience.

11. Inside the Studio

The 1,600 square foot working space is flooded with north light and is equipped with all of the necessary tools for creating works of Art in the areas of drawing, oil painting, and sculpture. Jonathan's ability to bring Divine guidance in addition to his own personal experience to all Artistic situations is what makes the Studio unique. He merely creates what he is called to create. This allows for a very joyous creative atmosphere where Jonathan may bounce from developing a manuscript page, to painting an original composition or to sculpting in clay. Most of the studio materials used are hand prepared by Jonathan to ensure high quality lasting results. Sound craftsmanship allows works of Art to act as facilitators for the transference of knowledge and energy throughout the ages.

Studio Jonathan Sherman_materials web.png

111. Commission a Work of Art

The process of commissioning a work of Art is an enriching experience for both the Artist and the Patron and has been a fundamental component in the development and preservation of culture for thousands of years; it is the Studio's honor to continue in this tradition. Through combined inspiration, magnificent and meaningful works of Art may come into being for others to enjoy and benefit from. This Studio is recognized for its excellence in portraiture executed in oil paints, various drawings mediums, plaster and bronze. All works will be completed to meet the needs of the Patron and the Artist's creative vision. Please visit our Commissions page to learn more, or our Contact page to participate in this joyous and enriching process.