1. The Wisdom of the Flowers

The Wisdom of the Flowers is an original manuscript on seasonal flowers created by Jonathan Sherman. Through these pages one is able to connect with the specialness, purpose, and message that each individual flower has to offer with the intention to expand appreciation for the beauty, depth, and magnificence of the world in which one lives!

11. Geometric Knots

For millenia, Geometric knots have been used to uplift individuals' spiritual and energetic vibrations, strengthen the intellect, train the mind, and accelerate overall cognitive function. They are an excellent tool in letting go of destructive emotions, while soothing and pacifying one's state of being. As symbols of beauty, harmony, symmetry, balance, and interconnectivity, they are very inspiring to have on the wall in a home or office, or to have in a private collection for study. 

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111. Metatron’s Cube


1v. Divine Heads


v. Gift Certificates

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