True Knowledge

True Knowledge


TITLE   True Knowledge
YEAR   2018
MEDIUM   bronze
BASE   hand-carved prairie green granite
DIMENSIONS   overall height: 19 inches
                            height of granite base: 3.5 inches
                            diameter of granite base: 8.75 inches
INSCRIPTION ON COLUMN   True knowledge is knowing that there will always be more to the mystery.
SIGNATURE   Sherman 2018 inscribed underneath left side of base of neck

The Composition

This masterful work of Art, True Knowledge, represents an embodiment of a calm and depth of knowing that accompanies the acceptance of one universal truth: there will always be more to the mystery. A human mind can pursue with great diligence knowledge and answers to all of the questions of life, attempting to explain through systems of science, mathematics, or religion. All three of these disciplines incorporate an acknowledgement of the unknown, and the acceptance of the unknowable. In this work of Art the long gaze of wisdom sees beyond things and the need to know, with a calm collectedness. This work of Art was created to inspire the true embodiment of peace in the presence of great mystery. 

True Knowledge is the first bronze sculpture that Jonathan has created entirely from Divine inspiration without the use of any model.

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