Commission a Sculpture

Studio Jonathan Sherman_sculpture commission 2 web.png

The Studio of Jonathan Sherman is pleased to be able to make its sculpture services available for commissioned requests.  Here one may view various angles of a recent sculpture commission. Originally sculpted in water-based clay and then cast in bronze, this piece was finished with a custom patina and mounted securely to a base of prairie green granite which has been hand-carved from Jonathan's original design. 

All possible viewing angles must be considered and valued when creating a three-dimensional piece. It is imperative that the work of Art must radiate its beauty from many lines of sight, each one providing additional insight into the specialness of the composition. 

Studio Jonathan Sherman_portrait detail_web.png
Studio Jonathan Sherman_portrait detail_web2.png

The entire time a sculpture is being created, the energetic radiance is being tuned into and evaluated. The rhythms in the hair patterns have been given attention here on the back of the head to formulate a radiance of beauty throughout the entire circumference of the piece as well as to express the likeness of the subject. Jonathan designs and sculpts his bases as he creates the pieces, so that the base supports the work of Art compositionally as well as structurally. For this piece, a patina was created with subtle variations of tone and color allowing the surface to breathe.