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Our Purpose

We aim to bring truly beautiful works of Art into this world created to uplift our selves and others while illuminating and training aspiring Artists.

Our Philosophy

The Studio of Jonathan Sherman believes that masterful works of Art act as illuminating beacons in our world. Each year innumerable human beings around the world, gravitate towards these beacons looking to connect with the Divine, to be filled with love, upliftment, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and to reconnect with their own magnificence. Works of Art of this nature are created by individuals who have aligned themselves with the Divine to spring forth artistic creations for the benefit of all others. We are honored to continue this lineage, ensuring the creation of works of Art with enduring energetic and aesthetic radiance and power. The Studio's belief is that through exposure to the loving and luminous radiance of these beacons, human beings' movement may continue toward a kinder, more peaceful, and harmonious human experience.

About the Studio

The Studio is the workshop of the Master Artist, Jonathan Sherman, where he creates oil paintings, drawings, and sculptural works of Art. The extraordinary nature of Jonathan's work and creative process comes from his innate gift to create without the use of models, working in harmony with the Divine. Aspiring Artists looking for artistic training are invited to work and develop under Jonathan's guidance. This particular educational experience for aspiring Artists, having direct exposure to the knowledge and techniques of a working Master, has its roots in an artistic lineage that dates back thousands of years. Together, Jonathan and his wife, Elizabeth, director of the Studio, have created a magical atmosphere conducive to the sharing of unique knowledge and the creation of uplifting and inspiring works of Art.

This video was produced by James Maroney through the wonderful community facilities of MHTV in Marblehead, Massachusetts.