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I. Paintings

Divine Compositions

These Divine compositions are large in scale, and Jonathan tends to work on several at one time, as they unfold at different rates. In order to create paintings of this nature, the Artist is guided to prepare by hand the materials and the canvases in specific ways. It is during the process of preparing the supports that the Artist will receive a glimpse in his mind as to how the composition will unfold. There is no use of models or staging in any way.


II. Sculpture


The Joy of Learning: A Portrait Bust of Leonardo da Vinci

This masterful work of Art is being created to celebrate the joy of learning and the cultivation of knowledge. Leonardo da Vinci, throughout his life, was one of the greatest embodiments of this joy and appreciation for the natural world. When one is engrossed in the process of learning to increase understanding of the world, knowledge of self expands, and the ability to navigate the world with greater awareness, richness, and harmony ensues. For each unique individual, there lies a path for their cultivation of knowledge, and this sculpture is an inspiration for all who wish to embrace the opportunity to learn and develop themselves.

Click here to learn more about this magnificent work of Art.

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III. Manuscripts

1. The Wisdom of the Flowers

The Wisdom of the Flowers is an original manuscript of seasonal flowers created by Jonathan. Through these pages one is able to connect with the specialness, purpose, and message that each individual flower has to offer in order to expand their appreciation for the magnificence of the world in which they live!


11. Treatise on Geometric Knots

For milleniaGeometric Knots have been used to uplift individuals' spiritual and energetic vibrations, strengthen the intellect, train the mind, and accelerate overall cognitive function. They are an excellent tool in letting go of destructive emotions, while soothing and pacifying one's state of being. As symbols of beauty, harmony, symmetry, balance, and interconnectivity, they are very inspiring to have on the wall in an office or home, or to have in a private collection for study.


111. Tibetan Yogic Manuscript

Jonathan collaborated with a long time friend, translator, and carrier of a Tibetan yogic lineage, Joshua Kinney, with the intention of creating a manuscript using geometric knots to enseal the energetic power of this sacred text. This is the first English translation of a 9th century Tibetan buddhist yogic instructional text which came into the possession of their lineage in the 15th Century. Its aim is to guide high level practicing yogis in the process of conducting a dark retreat. All of the Artwork and knot work were inspired during Jonathan's familiarization with the text. This esoteric text is not meant to be used without the proper direction of a Master and is presented here merely for aesthetic enjoyment.


1v. Metatron's Cube