"...knowledge of self must accompany knowledge of  technique in order for there to be meaningful Artistic expression and communication that is harmoniously aligned with the unfolding of the world in which we live."


Welcome to the Studio

The Studio is the workshop of the Artist, Jonathan Sherman, where he creates works of Art in painting, drawing, and sculpture mediums. We offer a unique educational experience which has its roots in an artistic lineage that dates back thousands of years. We invite individuals looking for Artistic training to work and develop under the guidance of Jonathan, while being directly exposed to his work and creative methods. Together, Jonathan and his wife, Elizabeth, the director of the Studio, have created an atmosphere conducive to the sharing of knowledge and the creation of uplifting and inspiring works of Art. 

Mission Statement

We aim to bring works of Art into this world created to uplift our selves and others while educating and illuminating aspiring Artists and Art enthusiasts.

The Workshop & The School

The foundation of the Studio is the symbiotic relationship between its two divisions, the Workshop and the School, which are always functioning together simultaneously. The Workshop, where Jonathan and his apprentices produce works of Art, is fully equipped with the essential materials and tools for the production of paintings, drawings, and sculptures. In the continuing spirit of a few of the studios from 15th century Italy, the Studio exposes apprentices and students to the practical techniques of the above mentioned trades but also has a strong emphasis on sharing the necessary knowledge that will assist them throughout the process of awakening the Master Artist within themselves. It is the School's belief that knowledge of self must accompany knowledge of  technique in order for there to be meaningful Artistic expression and communication that is harmoniously aligned with the unfolding of the world in which we live. Most of the Studio's authentic teachings regarding the navigation of the inner world of the Artist are delivered directly from Jonathan to the student, each appropriate to the needs of the individual relating to what they encounter within themselves. In addition to the Studio's original manuscripts of its teachings, the School also has many reference materials including a collection of  books on 14th - 17th century European Old Masters, as well as  treatises on the philosophy and practices of painting from the 14th and 15th centuries.  All sessions are held in the Studio space allowing students to have direct exposure to Jonathan's creative process and to Elizabeth's handling of the Studio's business affairs. This openness and exposure is fundamental to the Studio's pedagogy and is an essential component to the preparation of the Artist in order to effectively interact with the world independently in the future.