Welcome to the Studio

The Studio is the workshop of the Artist, Jonathan Sherman, where he creates works of Art in painting, drawing, and sculpture. In addition, individuals looking for Artistic training and spiritual alignment are invited to work and develop under Jonathan's guidance while having direct exposure to his methods. This unique educational experience for aspiring Artists and individuals seeking self-mastery has its roots in an artistic lineage that dates back thousands of years. Together, Jonathan and his wife, Elizabeth, director of the Studio, have created an atmosphere conducive to the sharing of knowledge and the creation of uplifting and inspiring works of Art.

"...knowledge of self must accompany knowledge of  technique in order for
here to be meaningful Artistic expression and communication that is
harmoniously aligned with the unfolding of the world in which we live."

Mission Statement

We aim to bring works of Art into this world created to uplift our selves and others while educating and illuminating aspiring Artists and Art enthusiasts.