1. Commission a Work of Art

The process of commissioning a work of Art is a rewarding experience for both the Artist and the Patron and has been a fundamental component in the development and preservation of culture for thousands of years; it is the Studio's honor to continue in this tradition. Through combined inspiration, magnificent and meaningful works of Art come into being. With portraiture, in the best of cases, the creation goes beyond being a mere portrayal and becomes a work of Art in its own right, bringing benefit to all who look upon it. All works will be executed to meet the needs of the Patron and the Artist's creative desires. Please visit our Contact page  to participate in this enriching and joyous process.

11. Mediums

The Studio of Jonathan Sherman accepts painting, drawing and sculptural commissions. All paintings are created with hand-prepared oil paints. Drawings are available in a range of mediums including sanguine, chalks, charcoals, pen and inks, all created on hand-prepared paper. Sculptures are created in bronze and carved marble.